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Hi! I’m Phoebe! I’m the owner of MatWorks Pilates and I have been working my little Glutes off to try and achieve this mission of mine! 

Back in 2015, MatWorks set out on a mission to make Pilates more accessible and affordable for everyone! We started by thinking about the most common reasons why people wouldn’t do Pilates.

  1. Traffic! What a pain to have to drive around in traffic after work, struggling to make it to class on time! 
  2. Parking! How annoying can finding a park be? At the best of times its hard, but at 530pm in Newmarket? No thank you!
  3. Cost! Pilates has always held a stigma of being a luxury form of exercise because of the price point. We wanted to find a way to sill be able to give you really high quality instruction, for a fraction of the price. 

So, we started by offering Mobile Pilates, which included home visits and corporate classes at the office. We took on the hassle of traffic and parking, and we kept our prices low so you couldn’t say no! 

Pilates online

This is what our small team of girls used to look like in 2016! It’s so cool to look back and see how we’ve grown since then! 

The accounting software company Xero caught wind of what we were doing and decided to run a campaign highlighting the lengths (or rather HEIGHTS) we would go to, to come to you! Check it out here: 

Then back in 2018, we were trying to figure out how we could extend that mission of ours to a wider audience than just Auckland, NZ alone. So we came up with the idea of STUDIOWORKS, an online Pilates studio, where your favourite familiar instructors would teach you their favourite exercises in a video that you could repeat over and over!! 

We are now extending this to you, completely FREE OF CHARGE!!! Wow! That’s pretty incredible huh? So what are you waiting for? Check out the video’s, if you like em, hit the subscribe button on our Youtube Page and tell 5 friends about it! We want Pilates to reach the wider New Zealand Community! 

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