I’m a three class per week Member. When can I use my 3 classes each week?

The start of your week is the first day that you sign up to the membership and falls in line with your auto payment schedule. Therefore if your payments are processed every Friday, you may attend 3 classes between each Friday and the following Thursday. On Friday your account will then refresh again with 3 new classes.

I’m a 12 class per month Member. When can I use my 12 classes each month?

The start of your month will be the first day that you sign up to the membership. Your next payment will process on the same date the following month, therefore some months will be 4 weeks and others will be 5 weeks however you will still only receive 12 classes. 

If I miss a class one week can I use it the next week?

The Three Classes Membership allows for 3 classes per week. Unused classes do not roll over, so to avoid disappointment be sure to book yourself into your favourite classes for the week in advance.

What happens if I want to attend more than 3 classes in a week?

Occasional classes in excess of your membership can be purchased at the casual rate. 

Can I attend Premium Mat classes if i’m on the Mat Mobile Membership? 


  • The Mat Mobile Membership only pays for Mat Mobile classes. 
  • The Premium Mat Membership pays for both Premium and Mat Mobile classes. 
  • The Premium Reformer Membership pays for Reformer, Mat Premium and Mat Mobile classes.
  • The Premium Studio Membership pays for Studio, Reforner, Mat Premium and Mat Mobile classes. 


How do I sign my membership contract?

Your membership agreement will appear at the bottom of the screen when signing up to the membership. It reads: By purchasing this contract you are committing to paying $x per month from purchase for 12 Months, then it will auto renew unless you email [email protected] to make us aware that you would like to suspend or cancel the contract, with no penalty.

Don’t think about this like it’s a contract, as you are able to cancel it any time you like. We just make it 12months long for ease on administration. By signing this you are not locking yourself into anything, you have complete freedom to suspend or cancel or upgrade whenever you like. 🙂

 If you need assistance don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Why does my contract say 12 Months?

Purely for ease on administration. You are not actually locking yourself into anything for 12 months as we allow you to cancel at any point with no penalty just by emailing [email protected] to let us know you wish to cancel and from when. The only requirement we have is that you give us notice, so if you wish to cancel your weekly membership it will be cancelled at the end of the current week you are on, if you wish to cancel your monthly membership it will be cancelled at the end of the current month you are on, no refunds will be permitted. 

Will my monthly membership stop after 1month?

No. All our memberships are on going until you terminate them. You can do this yourself online by logging in and going to my account, Passes, or click here , or you can email us to let us know that date you would like it to stop. 

How do I suspend my membership and is there a fee?

No there is no fee. Suspending your membership is one of your member benefits, and allows you to pause your membership payments for as short or long as you like.
Our memberships are intended to be used as a way to commit to your Pilates practice (and get best value for money) and enjoy the benefits that come with exercising consistently and regularly. Your body will love you for it! You are welcome to pause your membership at any time. In order to arrange this, you simply need to email [email protected] with the dates you’d like to suspend.
Please try to give us a couple days warning if you can.
While your account is suspended, the system also suspends your booking privileges, however you will be able to book your classes again as soon as your suspension ends.If you wish to extend your suspension please submit a new request via email.

What happens if I suspend any days that I have already paid for?

Any days that you have paid in advance during the suspended period will simply carry forward and push out the date of your next payment following your return. For example if your suspension commences 3 days following your auto payment, the 5 days you have paid for (days 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7) will carry on from the date your membership reactivates, hence pushing out the next payment by 5 days.

Can I attend a class if my membership is suspended?

Memberships are generally suspended when you are unable to attend class which is why the system suspends your booking privileges during this period. If however, you find yourself able to attend a class during the suspended period, please let us know, as your membership will not cover any visits during this period and will need to be processed separately. You could either pay casually for a class, or we can unsuspend your account for 1 day only but we need you to contact us. 

How do I book a class if my membership is suspended?

As you are unable to book classes while your membership is suspended, you willl need to contact [email protected] with details of the date/time/location of the class you wish to attend. We will then do our best to reserve your spot (pending availability for the class and notice given), and will process your visit as a casual class.

What if I want to return from my suspension early?

We would love to see you back at Pilates early! If you wish to return earlier than planned we can unsuspend your membership whenever you like. Please email us with as much notice as possible to arrange this. We will do our best to reactivate your membership as close as possible to the date requested.

I didn’t suspend my membership, can you credit me for the weeks that I missed?

The ability to suspend your membership is one of your member benefits, and therefore the reason we are unable to credit your account for classes not used. To avoid disappointment please be sure to submit any suspension requests as early as you can. All suspension requests will be confirmed in writing once processed.

How do I cancel my membership?

At any point in time you can cancel your membership. You can do this yourself online by logging in and going to my account, Passes, or click here , or you can email us to let us know that date you would like it to stop. 

All we ask is that you give us a little bit of warning, so if you are on a weekly membership, we will cancel it from the end of the week that you email us, or if you’re on the monthly membership then similarly we will cancel it from the end of the current month you are on when you email us.

How do I know my membership has been cancelled?

Once your membership has been cancelled you will receive a confirmation email from us with the date of effect, including the date of your last auto payment where applicable.


How do I upgrade my membership?

To avoid duplicate charges, ALL changes to memberships must be requested in writing to [email protected]. Please note this is the only method by which to change your membership. Any new memberships purchased online or via our app DO NOT cancel a currently held membership.

How can I change my payment method to a bank account instead of a credit card?

If you wish to change your payment method from credit card to direct debit from a bank account, then please download the following form and email your request to [email protected]

Can I change my weekly payment day to a different day?

Yes, we are able to change the day that your payments are processed. Please bare in mind that there may be a few days between payments where you are not covered by your membership. During this time any classes attended will need to be paid for separately.

Can I pay for my membership in cash at the studio?

You are welcome to pay for a casual class or 10 class pass by cash in-studio, however as our memberships are a direct debit agreement via Ezidebit or paid by credit card you are unable to pay by cash at the studio.


How does the waitlist work?

We highly recommend that you waitlist if the class is full. 95% of the time a space will open up and you will be notified via email and text message (depending on your profile preferences). If you need to check if you are subscribed to receive notifications you can do so under “My Info” on your MatWorks profile.

The system will not move you off the waitlist and into the class list inside of the 12 hour cancellation window. If a spot becomes available we will manually move you into the class and you will receive a notification. If you are likely to make other plans please cancel your waitlist booking so we don’t add you and charge you when you can’t make it.

How do I opt-in to receive notifications in case I’m added to a class from the waitlist?

To update your notification preferences visit “My Info” on your MatWorks profile. You get to this by using the “Login” button in the top right corner of the screen. Otherwise you can also change your preferences via your MatWorks app.

Do I have to pay for a class even if I’m booking to go on the waitlist? 

If you pay casually for classes you will not be able to book even for the waitlist without an active pricing options, so yes you do need to pay for the class at the time of booking. If you do not make it into the class, this payment option will remain valid on your account and will be used automatically to pay for the next class you book into. Casual classes have a 30 day expiry so as long as you book into another class within 30 days of purchase, you won’t miss out on your pre-purchased class.


What do I do if my payment has failed?

You will get an auto-email to say that your payment has failed. If you are paying casually or by membership, you will still be able to attend the class but your account will go into negative. Please call or email us to take payment over the phone.